Steak Escape

1 W. Flatiron Circle

Broomfield, CO 80021

(720) 887-1974


Steak Escape in Boomfield, CO

Steak Escape -Broomfield

Steak Escape is a different type of restaurant, they are a faster pace restaurant but still has freshly made, great tasting food. They are known as the home of America's favorite cheesesteak.  Steak Escape was first founded in 1982 by Ken Smith and Mark Turner. The first restaurant was opened in Columbus, Ohio. Here in this little restaurant the customers got to watch their meal be prepared right in front of them.

The menu at Steak Escape includes the Steak Escape Classics which are Grand Escape, Chicken Parmesan,  French Onion, Grand Gobbler, Wild West BBQ, Turkey Club, Grand Chicken, Classic Italian, Cajun Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, and and Wrap. They also fresh cut fries as well as Loaded Fries that are topped with cheddar & bacon or ranch & bacon. They have Grilled and Chilled Salads which include the Grilled Chicken Salad, Grilled Steak Salad, Grilled Turkey Salad, and Grilled Ham Salad. They also have Smashed Potatoes made in different ways such as Steak Smashed Potato, Chicken Smashed Potato, Turkey Smashed Potato, Ham Smashed Potato, Loaded Smashed Potato, and Plain Smashed Potato. There is also a Nutrition Information just in case you want to watch what you eat and keep it on the healthy side.

Don't forget the Steak Escape also does some catering for your next party, gathering, or business lunch. They have the Steak Escape Subs, Wraps, and Chicken Nibblers. You can also create your own tray with different sandwiches and meat and cheese trays. You can also choose from Salad Bowls and/or fruit trays. These trays feed a party of 10 people and it includes chips and cookies.    

The Steak Escape says "Any activity becomes an art when the doer cares about doing it right or doing it better!" They  also say "Quality you can taste is our art. Because when it comes to your meal, our goal is to do it right and do it better than anyone else."



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The Grand Escape at Steak Escape

Loaded Fries at Steak Escape

Wild West BBQ at Steak Escape