City Diner Restaurant

1002 N. Santa Fe Ave

Pueblo, CO 81003

(719) 545-2152


City Diner in Pueblo, CO

City Diner Restaurant -Pueblo West

City Diner Restaurant is a very old fashioned restaurant and takes you back in time. It is a very family friendly diner and welcomes everyone! They have a huge variety of foods such as omelets, seafood, sandwiches, and many others. They feature on their brunches, private rooms, buffet, entertainment, view, healthy options, delivery, and take out.

Their cuisines are many different types such as Spanish, Delis & Dinners, Californian, Seafood, Healthy, Southwestern, Continental, Hamburgers, Fast Food, Swiss, Omelets, Mexican, Ribs, International, Steaks, South African, Sandwiches, Diner, Italian, American, South American, Pastries, Chops, and Southern.


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Side Salad at City Diner

Omelet Breakfast at City Diner

Pastries at City Diner