Hickory House

730 W. Maine Street

Aspen, CO 81611

(970) 925-2313


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Hickory House - Aspen

The Hickory House is a family owned and operated restaurant and they have been operating since 1988. The Hickory House is mainly known for their baby back ribs. They try to perfect their recipes every year, however they have won dozens of awards in national and international rib cook-off competitions.  The restaurant offers group catering and group party paks as well as take-out and delivery. The restaurant also has weekday and weekend breakfast and a great lunch and awesome dinner menu.

The Hickory House breakfast menu includes omelet's, pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and much more. During lunch time they offer luncheon plates such as grilled BBQ chicken breast, smoked pork, smoked beef shoulder, fried catfish, and much more. There are also many different sandwiches to choose from. Also on the lunch menu you can find salads, and their famous baby back ribs. On the dinner menu visitors will find their char grilled rib eye steak, a catfish dinner, smoked pork, smoked beef, giant salads, and many different side orders.

The Hickory House is not only famous for their lunch and dinner but also their breakfast. The restaurant has a nonchalant style and manner which shows the restaurants and the peoples warmth and character. They have won prizes in 43 national competitions. They have full and half racks of baby back ribs which are the main dish. Some of the most popular sandwiches are barbecued smoke pork and pit smoked ham. As for the breakfast menu there is everything you can think of from omelet's to oatmeal.

The hickory House is a place where people can go to relax and enjoy their food along with feel at home by the staff. Most visitors whether they are locals or on vacation have said they like the restaurant also due to the comfortable environment. The locals also like it because when they walk in they recognize people and it makes them feel at home. The Hickory House is very clean, distinctive, and has high quality food.

Paul Dioguardi is the manager at The Hickory House, he has been the manager for 10 years now. Before this job he worked at Brother's Ribs in Illinois. He has been in the restaurant business for quite a while and this is what he loves to do. He has experienced with his own BBQ creations since he was 15 years old for ribs, sauce, cole slaw, and beans. He gathered ideas from all over the world. Dioguardi now has ribs being sold in grocery stores and partnered up with Michelbob who was a former foe on the competition circuit who has two locations in the southwest Florida area.

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